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Work with me

Are just existing instead of living? Angry that this life is not of your choosing? And afraid that your best days are behind you?

Climb your way out of the grief abyss with tools and strategies to make peace with reality and change your limiting beliefs about the life you’re entitled to live.

How I can help

I’ve spent the last several years changing my mindset and believing a better life was within my reach. Let me tell you, mindset work is no joke. Taking a deep dive into your psyche isn’t for the faint of heart.

But it’s doable, and I’ve done it and continue doing it.

The best part of my mindset journey is that it brought me here – to you – to share with you what I know now. To help you uncover the ways to change your thoughts and create a more satisfying life. I was a terrified widow, certain that my life would never get any better. And now I’m a happy, self-adjusted widow who’s moving forward with enthusiasm.

And I still grieve.

I never said I would help you get rid of your grief and I don’t even want to. The point isn’t to remove grief completely. The point is to learn how to make room for it.

I’ll show you the tools and resources you can use to believe:

  • your spouse’s death doesn’t cause your feelings
  • your feelings mean nothing about you personally
  • your core motives and beliefs are the key to improving your life
  • there’s no such things as a “good” or “bad” decision
  • grief is not the enemy
  • you can be happy and sad at the same time

Need more convincing? Watch this:

Break your reliance on resistance

You’ve seen death up close. You know life is fleeting and our time here is limited. So why spend another minute in misery? If you’re more comfortable arguing with reality than living a purposeful life, you might depend a little too much on resistance. That force that pulls you back from the brink of a breakthrough.

Resistance allows you to blame something or someone else for not getting what you want. The question is, what do you want?

I bet you’re ready to break your reliance on resistance because you’re already here searching for more information. You’ve got questions and you’re looking for answers. That tells me you’re preparing for something bigger, ready to ditch the overwhelm and focused on feeling better.

Whew. So glad you made it here!