I help guide widows through life after loss

Welcome to the no-BS version of widowhood where I share practical tips and resources on topics like grief, finances, relationships and self-care. If you’re a widow on a quest to make widowhood suck a little less, you’ve come to the right place.


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Hi, I’m Kim

I’ve been a widow since 2014 and I created Widow 411 as a place for you to find all the resources you need to help make widowhood more manageable. Now that you’re learning to live by a new set of rules, things can get complicated. I get it! Find my tips, tricks, successes, and failures (doh!) and learn how to put the puzzle pieces of your shattered existence back together.

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Featured Resources

The Guide Every Widow Needs

This online course guides you through all the post-death tasks widows must accomplish in nine efficiently organized sections to help you tackle your newly widowed to-do’s without going insane.

Grief Journal for Widows

Want to get a grip on your grief? Move your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper. Journaling provides a much-needed grief outlet and helps decode your confusing feelings.

I’ll help you climb your way out of the grief abyss with tools and strategies to make peace with reality. We’ll start by changing any limiting beliefs about the life you think you’re entitled to live. 


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