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Widow 411 submission guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for Widow 411. If you have a talent for writing and in-depth knowledge of topics related to widowhood, I’d love to consider your content submission. Widow 411 accepts guest posting inquiries if the topic fits our target audience, adds value to our readers, and follows these submission guidelines:

Submit original, unpublished work

You represent and warrant that this is your original work and not plagiarized and contains no objectionable or libelous material. You indemnify and hold Widow411 harmless against any suits, claims, causes of action, expenses or costs of any kind including legal fees arising out of the content of the original work.

Please don’t submit articles that have already been published on a personal blog or another website. I will verify and if your article isn’t original it won’t be accepted.

You are welcome and encouraged however to promote a link to your guest post on your website and social media.


Please provide readers with practical tips, tools, and valuable strategies that will help them navigate the overwhelm of widowhood. Pay special attention to advice widows can put to work immediately after reading. Share unique perspectives on grief topics that give widows a new way to look at something.

Article quality

Strive for between 1,000-2,000 words. Only submit an error-free, grammatically correct document. Please proofread your work and make sure you’re submitting quality content, or it will be rejected. I reserve 100% editorial control and may edit the post for quality, grammar, formatting and content.


  • Please include proposed title
  • Please use relevant headings and subheadings
  • You should capitalize each word in the title. However, the following articles, prepositions or conjunctions that have fewer than four letters are never capitalized in titles unless they are the first or last word of the title: a, an, and, at, but, by, for, in, nor, of, on, or, out, so, the, to, up, and yet.
  • Only capitalize the first word in a subheading. Only capitalize the first word of a bullet point.
  • Punctuation goes inside quotes. “This is how you punctuate a quote.”
  • Use subheadings, lists, images, and short paragraphs to break up chunks of text.
  • Include a conclusion by wrapping up the post and recap all points made in the body

Give credit where credit is due

If you are submitting images with your article, please attach high resolution, full-size images and provide credit to the source.

How to use links

You can link to relevant content that benefits the reader. However, no affiliate or referral links are allowed. Any links in the body of the post marketing courses, workshops, books, businesses or any other service will be removed. Reserve self-promotion for your 2-3 sentence bio.

Exclusive Rights

Widow 411 retains the right to edit your article and change titles, headers or links for relevant SEO purposes. We also retain all rights to the article, both print and digital. While we encourage promoting the article on social media, please only use 2-3 sentence article descriptions with a link back to the original article on the Widow 411 website. Do not repost the entire piece on your website or any other platform.

Include a bio

Include 2-3 sentences listing your qualifications or expertise. You can include one self-promotion link in your bi.

Save as PDF

Please save your submission in PDF format.

Submitting your article

By submitting your guest post for review and publishing, you confirm that you have read the above guidelines and agree to any and all terms provided.

Please send your completed document (in PDF format).Use the email address: info(at)widow411(dot)com substituting @ and . in the appropriate places. I haven’t included those symbols here to limit spam emails.

Use the subject line: Guest Post for Widow 411 – Your Name.